Investments are directed into:

Development of SkyWay technologies

Development of SkyWay certification and standardization center EcoTechnoPark in Belarus

Construction of SkyWay Innovation Center in the UAE

Everybody is welcome to visit the EcoTechnoPark and try the SkyWay firsthand!

A convertible loan agreement is made between the company & investor (creditor).
As a proof of ownership, a share certificate will be issued to the investor, that is collateral for the loan.


The shareholder expects dividend income and may sell their shares on public market after the launch of the company.


Shares are divided into packages and affordable for everyone.


Prices of packages start from 15 $.


Project is funded via crowdinvesting.
The collector of investments is Sky World Community, a crowdfunding platform specially designed for the purpose.
Please refer to the risks associated with investing in order to avoid unreasonable losses.


Contact us and we will help you find the right investment plan!

European Certification of SKY WAY Unibus

The employees of the Rolling Stock Administration of Unitsky String Technologies Co. are preparing «Unibus U4-212» for certification in the European Union. For this purpose, there is being collected the data to confirm the compliance of all Unibus systems...

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